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weekly performance tip

Progressive overload doesn't work once you have achieved a certain level of strength past the novice phase.  Progressive overload is merely the ability to overload the body in small weekly increments to achieve fitness outcomes (strength,endurance,power, etc.).  For example, let's assume you start with 3x5 on the bench press at 135 lbs.  Every week you add 5 pounds to the bar.  If progressive overload continued to work day in and out, after 2 years you would be benching 655 pounds.  Not gonna happen.  Instead, increase in 5 lb increments until you hit a plateau.  After the plateau, reduce the load by 20% and build back up to bust through the previous sticking point.

get well!

weekly wellness tip

 There are 7.129 billion people living on earth.  It is foolish to think that every person has the same biochemistry, build type, genetic potential, attitudes towards fitness, etc.  Therefore it is vital to figure out the proper diet structure and training program that works for YOU.  Start educating yourself on what programs are out there, and decide what fits your lifestyle